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Selling Stock Vector Tip#1

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Selling Stock Vector Tip#1

With this post I am starting the series of tips of how to sell stock vectors. Learn more at a jump:

This week’s tip is Correctly Analyze Image Top Searches.

Almost all stocks let the contributors know the most popular image searches, so it is easy to find out what the buyers look for the most.

You can try to figure out the needed images comparing top searched keywords for the past few months with the ones from the past week.

Let’s see the example of Shutterstock most popular searches. First, look at your bottom docker, and click Most Popular Images:

After that you will see the page with thumbnails of the most popular images ever, the last week, as well as top 100 images serches (ever, last month and last week) and top 25 video searches. Click Top 100 Image Searches:

Here you will see Top 100 searches Ever, Past Month and Past Week:

Try to analyze top 20 for the past month and past week.

There are some constant top searches like ‘flower’ and ‘logo’, which means that these are always popular, but in order to get in the top with your logos and flowers you have to be really really good and outstanding, which is very difficult to do.

Then, there are some words like  ‘easter’, ‘wedding’, ‘mother’ that were popular last month due to the events and holidays happening last month. They won’t be that popular anymore till the begining of the next spring.

Now you can look at the words that are becoming more popular throught the last month like ‘tree’, ‘car’, ‘beach’. These words have been searched more throughout past week, which means that the images with these keywords were more popular among buyers during last week and maybe will still be popular during the following week.

(You can also compare these data with your Download Stats).

So, if you compare the data of the most popular searches every month, you can figure out the tendency of when which images are being searched for the most.

And here are my Beach Banners:

Hope this article is useful. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.


If you would like to join ShutterStock or any other stock, but don’t know how, please read the article How to Sell Microstock.

Anastasiia Kucherenko


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