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Interview with Successful iStock Illustrator Tjaša Žurga


Today I am very happy to interview Tjaša Žurga (aka DrAfter123) – a very popular and very successfull iStock illustrator.

I am just in love with Tjaša’s conceptual images. Every illustration by Tjasa makes me stop for a while to look though its logical idea. All the mechanisms and schemes seem to move at the moment you look at them, as they are the part of the working organism that represent the main concept.

To have a look at images and find out more about Tjaša, click ‘Continue’:

Hello Tjaša! Where are you from? What do you do?

Hi Anastasiia! I come from Slovenia, a very small country in Europe that only has 2 million citizens. I am working as a freelance illustrator and designer in Ljubljana, the capital city. I am a supporter of socially responsible visual communication, where the effectiveness and accountability are not understood separately. With this I want to exceed the level of instant images, which are unfortunately so typical of today’s communication practices. I am working from the idea that experience from different designer fields are a good base for creative work. Illustration for me isn’t just something nice – it’s a system of visually communicating concepts and ideas.

Did you get education in illustration/design or are you self-taught?

After finishing the high school for design and photography (specializing in fashion) I enrolled in the Faculty of Education (art education) in Ljubljana (graduated 2005). I continued studies with the master’s program at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, where I have a Master’s degree in the direction of visual communications (finished 2009).

Which software and tools do you usually use?

I draw using a graphic tablet and I’m in love with Adobe Illustrator CS4.

I just adore your style! How long did it take to develop it?

While I have been developing my (computer) style for as long as I’ve been drawing using the computer, I’ve started working on this particular style a little more than a year ago and of course I am developing it all the time. In the beginning I had a lot of problems with computer software. I learned and practice a classical art, painting, hand drawing, graphic techniques, sculpturing… The use of computer for creating illustrations (art work) was quite new for me, but now I can’t imagine a life without it.

You’ve got brilliant conceptual images! Where do you get the ideas for your conceptual images from?

Thank you! I get ideas from everywhere in life. For instance, yesterday I watched a documentary about Leonardo da Vinci, and today I’m already working on Illustration called Inventor.

Why did you decide to go exclusive on iStock? What is needed to become exclusive there, and how long did it take you?

I liked iStock the most from the beginning. To become an exclusive, you need to have more than 250 sold images and an acceptance rate more than 50%. That took me about a year.

In your ‘conceptual men’ images every person has got two faces. Does it have any meaning?

Definitely. It depends on each specific work, but the most common meaning is to have different points of view on something. Sometimes two or more faces means different personalities, different feelings (of one person), individuality, etc.

Which images are the most popular among buyers, and why do you think these are these images, not any others?

Statistics show us that the most popular are backgrounds and different icon sets. Probably because the designers need this kind of stuff, for marketing material, web – visual communication, …

What is your source of inspiration? Who are your favourite artists?

Everyday life. My favorite artist is Kandinsky.

Thank you for the interview, Tjaša! Could you share any tips of how to become a successful iStock contributor as yourself?

It has been my pleasure. Be yourself, work hard and hope for the best.

Anastasiia Kucherenko

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  • najiaah

    Reply 22.01.2015 11:26

    I work for a communications agency.
    We would like to get in touch with illustrator Tjasa Zurga.
    Are you in contact with her?

    Thanks for your reply.

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