Interview with Samuel Chesterman (aka Sammyc)


Today I am very excited to interview Samuel Chesterman (aka Sammyc) – a successful iStock illustrator who’s got an amazing unique style and whose concepts are just so very clever that I can spend hours looking at them!

Find out more about Sam at a jump:

Hello, Sam! Where are you from? What do you do? Did you get education in illustration/design?
I am a UK based designer and illustrator with ten years experience. I finished my BA Hons in Graphic Design back in year 2000. I enjoy working on projects for print & web, character design and illustration.

Which software and tools do you usually use?

When illustrating for a client I often do rough sketches which are worked up in Illustrator later this helps the client to see what i’ll produce before spending too much time on one route. I also design web site interfaces in Photoshop.

I love your colour pallette. How do you choose colours for your illustrations?

Good question, I think it’s completly subconscious. Often if I see a good logo/image with great colours I’ll end up using them in my stock illustrations. I also try to aim for seasons so winter is blue or summer is yellow etc.

You’ve got brilliant conceptual images! Where do you get the ideas for your conceptual images from?

Thanks! I know some of them are a little odd I get some funny comments from friends! I try to think for example: “if I was a designer looking for cute robot what would I like to see”.

Thank you for the interview Sam! Could you share any tips of how to become a successful iStock contributor as yourself?

There are lots of designers on iStock which I enjoy looking at to get inspiration. I think japanese design and illustration is stunning and I often get ideas by looking at manga. I find it helps to keep sketching on paper often a new set of illustrations comes from a couple of hours doodling. Hope this helps!

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