How to Create Glamourous Text in CorelDRAW

In this tutorial I will tell how to simply create a glamourous text in CorelDRAW.

Select Rectange Tool and draw a rectangle:

Fill it with the Linear Gradient  like shown below:

You will get something like this:

Now secelt Ellipse Tool and draw a few ovals:

I chose purple colours for the glamourous text, you can choose the colour you like on the pallette docker on the right:

So you will get something like this:

Place the ovals on front of the rectangle, copy them, change the colours into a slightly lighter/darker colour and paste again. Move these ovals so they do not completely repeat the first set of ovals:

Now select a few ovals, go to Bitmaps> Convert to Bitmap:

There will a window apper, where you have to tick ‘Transparent Background”:

Now, when the oval is a bitmap, go to Bitmaps>BLur>Gaussian Blur:

The oval will become blurry and will create the effects of lights at night.

Now select Basic Shapes Tool:

On the top properties docker, select the shape shown below:

Holding Ctrl, draw this shape. Select Shape Tool (F10) and drag the Red Dot to the right till you get the star shaped object:

Place them chaotically in out background:

Now, select Artistic Media (I):

On the top docker there are the brush properties:

And draw a letter:

Left click>Break Artistick Media Group Apart:

Select the guide line and delete it, so you will have just a closed object:

I drew a variety of letters and will use little ‘a’ in the following description.

So, place your letter on top of the backgound, select them both and Intersect:

So now when you have a coloured ‘a’, place it on top of the same ‘a’ shape and slightly move to the left. Colour the bottom ‘a’ dark purple:

Paste two more ‘a’ shapes, place one a bit to the left from another one, and apply Back Minus Front:

Place the shape you got on top of coloured ‘a’, colour it white. Here you will probably need to ajust some curves and delete a few nods:

Apply transparancy to the white shape. Select Transparancy Tool:

On the top docker choose Uniform:

The letter is ready. Now it’s time to draw the background.

So draw a rectangle and two shapes like shown below (place a rectangle to the back, and two shapes to the front):

Apply Transparancy to these shapes:

Add some shiny stars (I told you how to draw them in the tutorial about Disco Ball):

Now select Interactive Mesh Fill Tool and apply mesh to the background rectangle:

Pick up a node like shown on the picture below, and click on the pink colour:

Draw a few circles, colour them purple and pink, and apply a Univorm Transparancy to them, so you will get something like this:

So here is what we have:

I hope this tutorial is helpful, and if you have got some questions feel free to post them int he comment section below:)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, just wonderful, you are so smart to have figured this all out. I will try this one for sure

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