How to Create Glamourous Text in CorelDRAW

In this tutorial I will tell how to simply create a glamourous text in CorelDRAW.

Select Rectange Tool and draw a rectangle:

Fill it with the Linear Gradient  like shown below:

You will get something like this:

Now secelt Ellipse Tool and draw a few ovals:

I chose purple colours for the glamourous text, you can choose the colour you like on the pallette docker on the right:

So you will get something like this:

Place the ovals on front of the rectangle, copy them, change the colours into a slightly lighter/darker colour and paste again. Move these ovals so they do not completely repeat the first set of ovals:

Now select a few ovals, go to Bitmaps> Convert to Bitmap:

There will a window apper, where you have to tick ‘Transparent Background”:

Now, when the oval is a bitmap, go to Bitmaps>BLur>Gaussian Blur:

The oval will become blurry and will create the effects of lights at night.

Now select Basic Shapes Tool:

On the top properties docker, select the shape shown below:

Holding Ctrl, draw this shape. Select Shape Tool (F10) and drag the Red Dot to the right till you get the star shaped object:

Place them chaotically in out background:

Now, select Artistic Media (I):

On the top docker there are the brush properties:

And draw a letter:

Left click>Break Artistick Media Group Apart:

Select the guide line and delete it, so you will have just a closed object:

I drew a variety of letters and will use little ‘a’ in the following description.

So, place your letter on top of the backgound, select them both and Intersect:

So now when you have a coloured ‘a’, place it on top of the same ‘a’ shape and slightly move to the left. Colour the bottom ‘a’ dark purple:

Paste two more ‘a’ shapes, place one a bit to the left from another one, and apply Back Minus Front:

Place the shape you got on top of coloured ‘a’, colour it white. Here you will probably need to ajust some curves and delete a few nods:

Apply transparancy to the white shape. Select Transparancy Tool:

On the top docker choose Uniform:

The letter is ready. Now it’s time to draw the background.

So draw a rectangle and two shapes like shown below (place a rectangle to the back, and two shapes to the front):

Apply Transparancy to these shapes:

Add some shiny stars (I told you how to draw them in the tutorial about Disco Ball):

Now select Interactive Mesh Fill Tool and apply mesh to the background rectangle:

Pick up a node like shown on the picture below, and click on the pink colour:

Draw a few circles, colour them purple and pink, and apply a Univorm Transparancy to them, so you will get something like this:

So here is what we have:

I hope this tutorial is helpful, and if you have got some questions feel free to post them int he comment section below:)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, just wonderful, you are so smart to have figured this all out. I will try this one for sure

  2. Madam, you just amazing, at the same time very good hearted human being to teach us these amazing tutorial, God bless you maam, Once again thanks a lot

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