My Banners Won 4G USB-Stick:)

In October I participated in the banner contest for Mail.Ua – Ukrainian mail service.

And I am really excited to find out that my banners were featured as “the best art-banners in the contest”.

The overall number of entries was 250.

The judging process was devided into 3 rounds:

– choose 15 the most creative banners;

– choose the most clickable of them;

– comparing the results of the previous rounds, to choose the best banner.

2 of my banner were included in top 15; the most popular among my entries was this one:

I am really happy to be featured! Thank you, Mail.Ua, for organizing this contest!

Waiting to receive my new USB-stick:) Yay!

If you want to read about the contest more in detail and to see other entries, click here.

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