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Drawing an Indian Girl in Vector Step by Step

To create this image in CorelDRAW you will need to use FreeHand Tool (F5) and Intersect Shaping.

First select FreeHand Tool and draw the shape of the face:

Draw an oval of the face:

To draw Eyes select FreeHand Tool (F5) and fisrt draw the outer shape of an eye:

Copy the outer shape, paste it, colour in a light grey (blue, green) and make a little bit smaller:

Select OvalTool, draw an oval, intersect with the light-coloured shape:

Using OvalTool draw the pupil:

Select FreeHand Tool and draw the details of the Iris:

Draw the highlights on the eye:

Draw the eyelashes:


To draw the lips, first select FreeHand Tool and draw the outline of the lips:

Select Rectangle Tool, increase the roundness of the corners to about 30 degrees, and draw teeth:

Select FreeHand Tool to draw highlights:

Now the face looks like this:

Now lets draw the girl’s hair and start drwaing highlights on the face:

Ears are drawn like this:

And earings are just simple ovals drawn by the OvalTool:

Now draw the shape of the body and Indian sari:

Draw hands like shown below:

The girls looks like this now:

Drawing the background:

First select Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle, change the roundness of the corners. Then using Freehand Tool and Rectangle Tool draw the silhouettes of traditional indian buildings and palm trees:

Place your silhouettes (groupped in advance) in the front of your rextangle, select the group of silhouettes and the main rectangle and intersect them.  Delete the shapes that are out of the rectangle:

Do the same with the image of the girl. Place her in front of the background and intersect both objects:

You can also purchase this vector from ShutterStock:


Here are some examples of outstading works made after this tutorial:



Veronica Krasovska:

Anastasiia Kucherenko


  • Oksancia

    Reply 20.02.2011 16:15

    Great illustration, Nastiushka! Well done!

  • Andrey

    Reply 20.02.2011 19:37

    Amazing tutorial

  • Nataliia

    Reply 21.02.2011 13:53

    very helpful, thank you, Nastya

  • @BollywoodBlonde

    Reply 20.05.2011 14:48

    AWESOME post! Wow! Thank you for sharing that! XX

  • Nat316

    Reply 04.02.2012 17:29

    Helped me a lot with art exam. Thanks

  • Nataly

    Reply 21.08.2012 20:51

    what a great tutorial, and quite simple technique. i’m just a beginner yet (i draw mostly for my own amusement, not professionally) and i always tend to use some very complicated ways… but from now on i’ll try to do like this. actually i wanted to draw a persian girl in some traditional clothes so this indian girl is pretty close to what i’m going to do =).
    thanks a lot!

  • Nat316

    Reply 21.01.2013 19:18

    Hello, i forgot to tell you my mark. My overall mark was 90 percent which is quite good. Couldn’t have done it without your help Anasasiia!!

  • Rinku Chauhan

    Reply 20.06.2015 10:43

    Hi, Amazing tutorial, working great work, I am beginner in Corel.
    It is useful for me. Are you on youtube ?

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