Eyedropper Tool in CorelDRAW

In this tutorial I will tell you about CorelDRAW’s  Eyedropper Tool.

Eyedropper Tool is the tool with which you can easily do many things: from simply copying solid colours to copying gradients, shapes and other properties from one object into another one.

So, first find Eyedropper Tool on the Toolbox on the left:

Let’s try to copy a colour from the raster image. To do this you will first have to import it: right click > import (Crtl+I):

After that select the Eyedropper Tool. On the Property Bar on top you will see the properties of the Tool, select Sample Colour first:

Click on the colour you need, and then holding Shift click on the object you need to fill with the colour you just selected:

You can also select the colour from any object on your desctop. To do that you have to press Select From Desktop button, and then select the colour you need:

If you look at the bar in the right bottom corner of the window, you will see if you selected the colour you need, and the numbers of RGB colors:

You can also fill in the outline colour:

The Eyedropper Tool’s properties are not limited with just copying the solid colour.

Select Object Attributes on the Properties Bar. If you click on Properties, and tick Outline, Fill and Text, you will be able to copy these properties from one object to another.

In the following example I copied the gradient and “0” outline from the left object to the right one:

Under Transformations, you will be able to capture Size, Rotation and Position. Tick the oprion you need and it will be copied to the object:

Under Effects, you can capture Perspective, Envelope, Blend, Extrude, Contour, Lens, Powerclip, Drop Shadow, and Distortion:

So, using Eyedropper Tool you may easily and quickly copy different properties from one object into another.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section, and I will try to answer:)

5 thoughts on “Eyedropper Tool in CorelDRAW”

  1. Wow. I had completely missed the bulk of what this tool can do. I had grumbled about the limits of its usefulness; thanks for showing me the error of my ways!

    1. No problem! I am happy this might be useful to someone:) And tank you very much for the comment Steve!:)

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