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How to Create Seamless Background in CorelDRAW (+ free .eps)

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How to Create Seamless Background in CorelDRAW (+ free .eps)

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple seamless background in CorelDRAW:

Open a new document; select Rectange Tool (F6) and draw a rectangle. On the rectangle properties menu choose the width and the heigth of the rectangle. I chose 30 mm X 20 mm:

Now draw another rectangle.  Change Rectangle corner roundness on the same Rectangle properties menu:

Copy the object, paste it, resize into a smaller object, select them both and press C (this will align the smaller object in the centre of the bigger one):

Choose the colours for all the objects, then go to Object Properties and remove the outline (Choose ‘None’ in the width of the Outline Properties):

Group these 2 objects (Select object > Ctrl+G):

Put the object on the border of our background rectangle. Copy it and paste again. Go Arrange > Transformations > Position. There will apear a docker with Transformation Properties. Choose -30,0 mm and click ‘Apply’ (-30 mm because the width of our rectangle is 30 mm):

You will have something similar to this:

Now select the background rectangle and the left group of objects and intersect them like shown below (or go Arrange > Shaping > Intersect):

Do the same with the right group of objects.

Now, select Rectangle Tool and draw vecrical rectangles, like shown below:

Group these reccatngles (Select > Crtl+G) and place them upon the main image. Select the main background and the group of rectangles and Intersect them:

After you’ve done that, select Rectangle Tool again and draw tiny horisontal recatngles:

Group them (Ctrl+G), align upon vectical rectangles on the main image, select these 2 groups of rectangles and apply Back Minus Front like shown below (or go to Arrange > Shaping > Back Minus Front):

Copy the group of horisontal rectangles as many times as you need. The smaller they are, the better the effect.

And here is the result:

Hope you enjoy the tutorial and find it useful. You can also download the .eps file for free from here:


To have a look at the preview of the pattern, go to Oksancia’s website to install it into your webbrowser. This tool is free and easy to install.

The preview of my pattern looks like this:

Anastasiia Kucherenko



    Reply 12.01.2011 21:01

    Thanks for this great tutorial for CorelDRAW users and fashion designers!

  • Andrey

    Reply 13.01.2011 15:24

    Cool tutorial, you are re-tweeted by official CorelDRAW twitter http://twitter.com/#!/CorelDRAW

  • Angelique

    Reply 16.10.2012 05:06

    Can’t wait to start this tut. I love retro vector art.

  • Namgyal

    Reply 21.03.2016 08:33

    I’ve made few seamless patterns with coreldraw. They are quite good but still there’s something I’m not quite satisfied about. When I repeat the square to create the pattern, it leaves a small white line between two squares. And that kind of annoys me a bit. And of course, that reduces the seamlessness of the pattern. Any suggestion or solution for that from your side?

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