Oct 25 2010

Banners for Mail.ua

Participate in a new contest:)

Create a banner for Mail.ua and win an I-Pad!

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Oct 23 2010

Hurray! I won a challenge!

My “Winter Card” won the challenge on RedBubble:)

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Oct 19 2010

Interview with Anita Inverarity

This time I am very happy to introduce you an amazing artist AnitaInverarity!

Every illustration drawn by Anita is full of emotions, and the heroes seem to be alive. I can also spend hours looking at all the details on the background: grass which seems to grow at this very moment; sun which is shining brightly, flowers moving with the wind..

These are really bright pictures, but made in just black and white!

So, let’s get strated:

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Oct 18 2010

What is Zazzle?

In this article I will tell you about my experience on Zazzle, and about what and how you can create here.

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Oct 10 2010

Free Vector Alphabets in English and Russian (+ new RB designs)

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Oct 8 2010

Tutorial “A Boy and a Dog Chasing a Frisbee”

Program: CorelDRAW

Difficulty: Intermediate

Time: 1-2 hours

Main Tools: FreeHand Tool, Ellipse Tool, Fill

Commands: Intersect, Front Minus Back

The final result:

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Oct 7 2010

Hurray! Anna Volkova interviewed me:)))

Thank you very much, Anna!

I am very happy to be interviewed by such a nice person, artist and microstocker like you!

I really enjoyed answering your questions:)

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Oct 5 2010

Interview with Mike Adey

Hello everybody!

Today, the guest for the interview is a great Australian artist – Mike Adey!

When I first saw Mike’s illustrations on RedBubble, I really liked his bold style and clever ideas of the images!

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Oct 4 2010

Free Vector on VectorStock (October)

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Oct 2 2010

Slips In Vectors

An interesting and funny project started on the Russian blog “Club of Free Artists”.  It is called “Mistakes in Your Vector Images”. The author of the project is Dacascas. Continue reading