An Intertview With Travis King

Today I am happy to interview Travis King, a cool vector artist from the US.

I bumped into Travis’s blog accidentally, and was really impressed by his funny and conceptual designs!

I couldn’t just leave without asking Travis to give me an interview, and was really happy to get a positive answer:) So, here we are, let’s get started:

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Where Do I Sell or Buy T-Shirts With My Design?

After I have purchased one of the t-shirts with my print on, a lot of people started asking me where they could do the same.

It’s very easy: Today you can find many services online where you can print out your designs on different products. Here is the list of websites to create and purchase t-shirts:

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Interview with Karin Taylor

Today I am really excited to interview Karin Taylor – an amazing illustrator, one of the most popular RedBubble artists, and a very nice person, who is always eager to help aspiring illustrators in improving their artistic skills, developing there portfolios, encouraging them to work and never to give up, etc.

Karin attracted my atterntion from the very fist day of being on RedBubble for the tenderness and cutieness of her style. Her illustrations are full of positivism and harmony.

Karin has also authored tutorials for RedBubble users, so they could easily enhance their profiles.

So, make yourself comfortable and enjoy:

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