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Draw earphones in CorelDraw (+ free .eps)

Anastasiia Ku / Freebies and Giveaways  / Draw earphones in CorelDraw (+ free .eps)

Draw earphones in CorelDraw (+ free .eps)

CorelDraw tutorial of how to draw photorealistic earphones (Part 1).

Programme: CorelDraw

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Time to complete: 1-2 hours

Step 1.

Use FreeHand Tool to draw the shape of the earphone:

Step 2.

Draw the head of the earphone: draw the shape of the head, select it with the body and intersect (Arrange > Shaping > Intersect).  Do the same to draw the stem.

Step 3.

On the head draw a shape with the same number of knots:

Colour these two shapes like shown below (the smalle object should be darker):

Select Interactive Blend Tool and drag it from the smaller object to the bigger one; the result should be like this:

Step 4.

Draw highlights on the body: use FreeHand Tool to draw the outer shape of highlights on the left side of the body:

Copy this shape, paste it, and using Shape Tool (F10) make the second shape thinner, try not to delete knots.

Colour the outer shape light grey or blue, the inner shape – white or very light grey.  Delete hairline like shown on the image below:

Use Interactive Blend Tool, so colours blend softly. Do the same to create highlights on the right side of the body:

Step 5.

Colour the body with light blue (should be same colour as the outer shape of the highlights).

Step 6.

Colour the stem dark grey or blue; draw the same shape but smaller and colour it light blue.

Use Interactive Blend Tool to blend colours on the stem.

Step 7.

Draw the highlight on the head: using FreeHand Tool draw to shapes (one smaller than another). Colour the bigger shape light blue, the smaller – white. Select Interactive Blen Tool to blend the colours of the two shapes softly:

Step 8.

I thought that the left highlight is too light, so I changed the colour of the inner shape from white to the gradient from white to light blue:

Step 9.

Draw holes on the body of the earphone:

Use Oval Tool to draw ovals. To create highlights on the felt side of every hole, draw 2 ovals, one bigger than another, select them both, apply Back Minus Front like shown on the image below:

Use the following gradient for each hole:

The first earphone is ready! :)

Very soon I will post a tutorial on how to draw the second earphone :)

You can also download this vector for free:


The second part of the tutorial is here.


Here are some outstanding works made after this tutorial:


Anastasiia Kucherenko

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