Create Grunge Effects in CorelDRAW

In this tutorial you will find out a few tips of how to create a grunge background in CorelDraw.

The final image is:

Programme: CorelDRAW, Paint

Difficulty: Beginner

Estimated time: 1 hour

Step 1:

Open Paint; using Airbrush create an image similar to the following:

Open CorelDraw, import the image you have created in Paint.

Left click on the image > Outline Trace > High Quality Image:

Here I palyed with Types of Image and changed the one from High Quality into Line Art; you can also play with Details and Smoothing to see different results;

I have got the following object. Ungroup it and delete unneeded details, if it is too messy.

Step 2:

Select Polystar Tool, and draw a star like in the image below:

Using a Rectangle Tool draw a rectangle; distribute the grunge units upon the rectangle with the polystar; group all grunge units together (Select > G); Select grunge units and the polystar, and intersect them:

Draw another polystar, slightly bigger than the rectangle, and intersect it with the rectangle:

Change the colour of the intersected area like shown below:

Using Erase Tool start chaotically erasing some parts of the new object:

The background is basically done. Add the main object or image in front, and your grunge illustration is ready!

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