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Vector tutorial DANDELIONS

The summer dandelions was created in CorelDRAW.
Difficulty: easy, for beginners.
Main tools: FreeHandTool (F5), Banner Shapes.

Step 1.
Chose a Star in Banner Shapes:

Step 2.
Right click of the mouse: Convert to Curves:

Step 3.
-Chose the PaleYellow colour for the Star,
-Remove Hairline,
-Making Curves out of straight lines (right click: to Curve)

Step 4.
-Use FreeHandTool to draw a brown stipe

Step 5.
-Group the objects;
-Multiply the groupped object (Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V);
-Place multiplied objects in a circle with a stipe to the certre.

Step 6.
-Draw the stipe of the dandelion;
-I used the followong gradient to colour it:

Step 7.
-Copy dandelions and paste them in an order you like;
-Add blue background!

That is it:)

Hope you like it!
If something is not clear or there are some mistakes, please let me know :)
author: Anastasiia Kucherenko

Anastasiia Kucherenko


  • Oksancia

    Reply 02.08.2010 23:47

    Wow! Nice picture and tutorial! Well done!

  • Amin

    Reply 12.10.2012 11:35

    I love Your works.I,m new with corel and i,m using your tuts to improve my skills.Thank you :)

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