May 7 2013

5 Enhanced Downloads on Shutterstock:)


Wow! Never happened in that quantity before:)

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Apr 10 2013

Minicards from


I am so excited to just have received the new set of minicards, printed by for me:)

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Mar 11 2013

I Reached Silver on Vectorstock!

Today I was very happy to find out that I reached silver level on Vectorstock!

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Mar 2 2013

Watercolour Maps on Redbubble


I have started drawing a new series of watercolour maps, and here are my first results:)

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Jan 24 2013

Chinese Snakes Available to Download from Vectortuts


New set of Chinese Snakes ornaments is available to download from Vectortuts, learn more at a jump:


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Jan 24 2013

Got to Top 50 on Shutterstock

Yay! Not only my image became a free vector of the week last week, but it also is the second in top 50 images on Shutterstock:)


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Jan 16 2013

Withdraw Money from Vectorstock


Once you reached $100 on Vectorstock, you can claim your earnings. Learn more at a jump: Continue reading

Jan 15 2013

My Hearts Pattern is Free Vector on Shutterstock



This hearts pattern is a free vector on Shutterstock this week! Yay! I am so exited! Continue reading

Jan 2 2013

Comparing Microstock Sales: December 2012 and December 2011


Time for another monthly report on my microstock sales:

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Dec 15 2012

How Sweet – Shutterstock:)


Another nice day on Shutterstock, which brought me 2 enhanced downloads a day:)

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