Hey there!
I am a UX designer working at an Influencer Marketing agency in Shoreditch, London.
Research and test driven design are the core principles of my work, whether working on my own or within a design team.
For any queries, feel free to contact me via ychty.vse (at) gmail.com .

UX Design

Codebar.io Redesign Process

Codebar.io is a community that lets one learn and teach coding and programming for free. It spans across a number of cities and is held every week in major cities like London. The service has already got a working website, with the general users’ (both new and existing) feedback pointing at a number of issues and pain points, which we were tasked to fix.

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Graphic / Marketing / UI Design

Presentations, Infographics, Reports for The 7th Chamber

Working at The 7th Chamber, I have built up a portfolio of brand assets to be used for sales pitches and presentation, as well as internal documents.

Part of my responsibilities as a graphic designer and a creative thinker at the company is to create assets to promote brand’s services. The 7th Chamber, constantly adjusting to the most current social media and influencer marketing needs, would tweak and pivot our services to deliver the best results for our clients.

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Mobile App Design | UX Design

Cheevr | Mobile App Design

Cheevr is an app that motivates you to take up new challenges and practice new skills every day for 1 month, guiding you through the challenges with short video tutorials and scientifically backed-up facts.

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UI Design

Interaction Design for Daily Mail

While working at The Daily Mail, I was responsible for photo editing and creating interactive layouts for iPad and Android devices to be published daily for [MailPlus] – an interactive app from the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.

All interactivity for iPad experience were created with Folio Overlays for photo galleries, slideshows, scrollable frames, buttons, etc.

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Card Game Design

The Crimean War | Card Game

The Crimean War is a historical educational card game that takes players back to 1853-56, and tells about interesting facts of the Crimean conflict between Russian, British, Ottoman and Second French Empires. To make a game entertaining and educational at the same time, we conducted research and user testing; and alongside with the deck of cards, we created cards with questions about really bizarre facts and events about the war.

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UX Design

JBi Digital Website Redesign

I was tasked to redesign the website for a digital design agency JBi Digital and create the most intuitive experience for their potential customers.

In order to do that, we identified the primary goal for the service, analysed current website and checked how clear it is for the existing users, as well as what on the current site performs / doesn’t perform.

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